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LunaDome at the London Science Museum

Hi, my name is Oscar Bernardini, I’m in my 3rd and final year at Bath university, studying Spanish with International Management. I’m the latest addition to this incredible team, and I will be responsible for the marketing side of the LunaDome project. Having only recently joined the team, I cannot stress enough how enthusiastic Sam and Elliot both are in fulfilling the objective of sending our experimental payload to the Moon. Our Electronic lead, Elliot is currently in India having the time of... Read More

An Electric Story

The LunaDome project has been in myself and Sam’s life for over a year now. It has taken us on a long, exciting journey of learning and achievement. Back in March 2017, we went to India to present our prototype of LunaDome, and this got the ball rolling for the development of the full LunaDome experiment as well as sparking a wide range of interest in our community.   My team member Sam, who visited India again back in August... Read More

Team Indus Internship

There is a reason why there aren’t many man-made objects on the moon. It’s because they they are really difficult to design and make work! After Lab2Moon finished, we had to get LunaDome ready for space flight which meant doing some real work in a short time frame. We started working as interns with Team Indus alongside other successful Lab2Moon teams from India, Peru and Italy. This high-energy team is a great environment to get things done in, combining some of... Read More

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