To enable us to manufacture a version of our experiment which qualifies as space flight worthy, we must raise $650k over the 5 months to December 2017. We have two channels through which our supporters are able to contribute towards this goal.

  • A member of the public can pledge a donation through our crowdfunding page . The amount pledged, could qualify the donor for a variety of rewards.
  • A company donor would be offered branding space on our experiment and be among the first to have their logo on the moon. The major sponsor would be offered naming rights to the device.

If we are successful in getting our experiment on board the Team Indus space flight, our sponsors will have been part of the first ever commercial moon landing. Furthermore, our experiment would be the first device designed in the UK to land on the lunar surface. We believe this to be a fantastic opportunity for our supporters to be part of this historic endeavour, and to have contributed towards making it possible.