Google Lunar Xprize – Lab2Moon Global Challenge

LunaDome aims for the moon in March 2018

Google Lunar XPRIZE

The Google Lunar XPrize is a competition challenging private companies to achieve the first ever commercial moon landing.

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Team Indus Behind the Lab2Moon Challenge

TeamIndus Lab2Moon

Team Indus is one of 5 front runners in the GLXP. They have secured a contract on a PSLV rocket which launches in March 2018, when they will fly their rover to the moon aiming to win the top prize of $20M.

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Lab2Moon Global Challenge

Lab2Moon is a global challenge run by Team Indus for students to design an experiment to send to the moon on board their spacecraft. Of the 3000+ entries, LunaDome was selected as one of 8 experiments to be given a place on the spacecraft. Placed in 3rd position, they must now raise $650k from external sponsors to qualify their experiment to be space worthy. They hope to be able to raise a proportion of the funds through crowdfunding.

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These University of Bath aerospace engineers designed an experiment named LunaDome, a device that will sustain an earth-like atmosphere in a small dome on the moon's surface. The data collected during this lunar experiment will enable us to understand how the moon may be colonised in the future. The team presented their experiment to the panel of experts in Bangalore in April having reached the final 15 of over 3000 Lab2Moon Challenge teams - the only team representing the UK. They came 3rd and now ask for your support to help them to send their experiment to the moon!

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Our Partners

  • Partners Bath Uni and TeamIndus