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Lab2Moon Finals

On a pleasant spring morning outside Heathrow Terminal 2, excitement filled the air. Nick, Elliot and I had been working tirelessly for the past 6 months on our tiny yet all so important brainchild. While holding down full time jobs and university degrees we had made it to this point. We lined up in front of the airport terminal for one last photo, said our goodbyes and made our way on our 5000 mile journey. We arrived in Bangalore with... Read More

Heading Moonward

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think of going to the moon? Reminiscent memories of the monstrous Saturn 5 rockets used to take the Apollo astronauts to our closest celestial neighbour perhaps? Or fantastical ideas of far-fetched future technology ferrying people back and forth in ease and comfort? A visionary space technology start-up in India has their own ideas, and are acting upon them, planning to send a robotic spacecraft to the moon in... Read More

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