Team Indus


Aiming for the Moon in 2018

Team Indus is one of five teams remaining in the Google Lunar XPrize – a competition challenging private companies to be the first to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon and deploy a rover which must travel 500m and send HD images back to earth. The winner will receive a grand prize of $20m while other prizes are on offer along the way. There are around 100 members of the team, 80 young engineers straight out of university and 20 retired scientists from India’s space program.

 Why Land on the Moon?

Pioneering Engineering Feat

The last moon landing was Apollo 17 which took place almost 45 years ago! At a time when private companies aim to bring space travel to the masses and even send people to Mars, this is the perfect time to conduct the first commercial moon landing. In addition, only 3 other countries have visited the moon, and with this mission, India is hoping to be the fourth, solidifying their industry standing on a global stage.

The Vision

India has the largest youth population in the world – Team Indus is taking advantage of this opportunity to inspire the next generation of creators, scientists and leaders through their Foundation for Excellence. By creating learning opportunities to the masses both in India and worldwide, the foundation hopes to spark the interest of young visionaries like themselves. This is why Lab2Moon was born – A challenge set by Team Indus aimed at students to imagine, design and build an experiment to travel to the moon on their lander. Click here to find out about Lab2Moon

Our Partners

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