LunaDome at the London Science Museum

Hi, my name is Oscar Bernardini, I’m in my 3rd and final year at Bath university, studying Spanish with International Management. I’m the latest addition to this incredible team, and I will be responsible for the marketing side of the LunaDome project.

Having only recently joined the team, I cannot stress enough how enthusiastic Sam and Elliot both are in fulfilling the objective of sending our experimental payload to the Moon. Our Electronic lead, Elliot is currently in India having the time of his life finalising the flight model’s electronics and integrating them to the spacecraft, whilst back in the UK we were wrapped up in our warmest clothes, as we all know by now that “winter is coming” (Jon Snow, 2017). Despite not being in an exotic place, myself and Sam have had an exiting journey of our own. We have been called up by the Science Museum, to present LunaDome alongside TeamIndus crew member, Justin Alva at the Science Museum Lates event on Wednesday the 29th of November. Dressed in our smartest clothes, Sam and I left Bath mid-afternoon, heart-thumping, fidgeting like little kids on the train, as our excitement to go back to the Science Museum had no boundaries. Not only were we going to have a stroll around our favourite museum, but we were going to partake in the event and present to a public and attend Justin’s conference on building the world’s first private Moon mission at TeamIndus. The Theme at the Science Museum Lates event was Illuminating India, to celebrate the opening of their 2 new exhibitions on 5000 years of Science and Innovation themed around the sights, sounds and smell of India.

Upon arriving at the museum, for me it was a trip down memory lane, as I would often wander around the museum during one of my free periods from my school: French Lycée Charles de Gaulle. But good memories had to be set aside, to give place to focus after attending Justin’s conference explaining all about the awaited journey of ECA (A Small Wish in Hindi), their extraordinary rover that will travel a total distance of 500 meters on the surface of the Moon whilst taking High-Definition pictures and videos. The conference finished, we had to be rushed to the Welcoming wing of the building to set our stand. Once our presentation uploaded on the big screen, many science fanatics came over intrigued by the experiment, and ready to ask us what LunaDome is all about. having to present the project in front of a big audience was nerve-racking at first. However, people were so open-minded and welcoming to our idea, that stage-fright vanished straight away, and time flew by as me and Sam were busy answering as many questions as possible on the progress of our project, and explaining its use. We were lucky enough to meet the charming Anushka Sharma, a passionate blogger and supporter of space start-ups. She was really supportive towards LunaDome, and even went as far as to record us through an interview, to understand the whole journey behind our project and all of the elements that have led LunaDome to where it stands now.

Promoting the experimental payload in front of avid space fans in the Science Museum has helped us in many aspects, such as increasing awareness of our project, meeting incredible people with different backgrounds, and receiving useful advice on ideas to raise funds to send our project to the Moon. I can say with certainty that for me and Sam, this trip to London has been a huge success, filled with positive feedback and comments from everyone we have met so far, and that we are more determined than ever to pursue and achieve our objective to land LunaDome on the Moon in March 2018.

March 2018

By Oscar Bernardini

LunaDome Marketing Lead.